Specializing in life’s sweetest moments

There’s more than great food on this menu. We’re creating the kind of memories you’ll want to hold onto forever. We consider that in itself a huge award – and we have quite a few others to brag about both nationally and internationally. We earned a coveted place on Special Event Magazine’s Top 25 Caterers in the World – just to name one!

We were the first local caterer to cook on site. We were the first caterer to be recognized as a Colorado Proud company for serving Colorado grass feed beef, free range poultry and locally grown produce, even before farm to table became all the rage in restaurant circles. And now we will be the first to have a hydroponic garden on site at our Headquarters. Our dedication to quality is the reason we have been able to hire and retain the most talented chefs and staff for over 30 years. We are ready to make your celebration one to savor.