Imagination Destination

Event design for a global travel company’s annual conference.

We created an international travel experience that took place in one room, during the course of one evening. Guests traveled to five different countries, each of which featured a course of traditional food and beverage pairing.

About The Event

Imagination Destination was a one-of-a-kind dining experience, complete with sounds, sips, savors and scents from five different countries. The evening catered to a group of world travelers that appreciated the flawless execution required for this event and found all the international flavors familiar.

This was an opportunity to produce an over the top dining experience and create a one of a kind menu that truly reflected our creativity and innovation.

With that in mind, this was one of the most intricate and rewarding events we have ever had the opportunity to produce. Each course on the menu was an homage to the featured country. We worked to keep as few allergens on each plate as possible, while creating a menu that would stand up to a rigorous timeline. We used unique plates for each course that were all different shapes and sizes.

Imagination Destination Table Setting

With the entire evening simply unfolding in front of the guests they never had to ask once for a special request or inquire about dietary restrictions, everything was planned for and anticipated.

The evening began at Denver International Airport with guests enjoying flight snacks served by Pan Am flight attendants. Next, Colorado themed bites showed guests a taste of what was to come. Each course began with the “ticket to taste”, a tiny amuse bouche, paired with a cocktail from the corresponding country. A Black Velvet cocktail satisfied in Ireland and chilled sake, served properly in a wooden masu box, impressed in Japan.

In Japan, we paired seared tuna sashimi with traditional chilled egg noodles and vegetables. In Brazil, the true flavor of Brazilian churrasco dining was experienced by guests as chefs served skewered grilled meats tableside.

The menu was produced as such:


In flight Snacks: all dry food was prepared and individually packaged as it was a snack to be enjoyed at an onboard cocktail party. All of the snacks were passed on carts resembling airline service by costumed servers. Hot chicken and waffles, cold trout rillette and southwestern tapas were passed.

Beverage: Black Velvet Cocktail

Ticket To Taste: Guinness and Irish cheddar fritter

Salad Course: duo of chilled butter lettuce salad and traditional colcannon potato salad


Beverage: chilled sake overflowing in wooden masu box with plate underneath

Ticket To Taste: miso soup with smoked tofu

Seafood Entree: sliced tuna, Asian noodle salad


Beverage: acai caipirina

Ticket To Taste: Pao De Quiejo, Brazilian cheese bread

Meat Entree: sausage, tri tip, chicken


Beverage & Ticket To Taste: Jell-O shots served in light up flashing shot glasses

Dessert: flaming donut and crepe action stations

We were extremely proud when this group of world travelers applauded each course they experienced. As a leading catering company, we are continually reinventing and evolving the way events are designed and executed in Colorado. This event was logistically challenging to produce but was executed seamlessly through each course due to the extensive amount of planning, practice and dedication from our team. We all gave our very best to produce a unique and very memorable event for everyone involved, not just the guests. We pride ourselves on the talent that we have within our ranks. It feels exceptional to have been part of an event where so many of our team and vendor partners came together to create an unforgettable, one of a kind dining experience.